Lenses for the Leica M-Mount


All possibilities and freedoms

The wish fulfillment of many enthusiastic photographers: our lenses with the VM bayonet can not only be used on Voigtländer rangefinder cameras and Leica cameras, but also on many state-of-the-art digital cameras using an adapter.

The range extends from 10 mm to 90 mm focal length in 35 mm format or full-frame format for digital cameras.

From extreme wide-angle lenses to portrait focal lengths, we offer an extensive range of lenses. The wishes of passionate photographers always play an important role in product development at Voigtländer – so we offer different lenses with identical focal lengths – such as the 35mm Nokton as a super fast 1.2, or as a fast 1.4 (as it is significantly lighter and shorter) – right up to the real all-rounder for many occasions, the Ultron 35 mm f/2.

Voigtländer’s philosophy of giving photographers all the freedom and possibilities to realize their desired results by providing them with the optimum tool becomes clear here.