28 mm / 1:1.5 Nokton aspherical VM

Vintage-Line, fast wide angle lens

Title Photo: COSINA

3 year warranty

Voigtländer presents its new NOKTON 28 mm F1.5 aspherical wide-angle lens for Leica M bayonet. This new development combines three outstanding elements: an impressively large aperture, compact dimensions and excellent optical performance.

The NOKTON 28 mm F1.5 aspherical is available in two versions: Type I, made of aluminum, weighs 250 g and is available in matt black or silver. Type II, made of brass, has a special tactile quality due to its heavier weight of 330 g and is available in both black and silver lacquer.

Particularly noteworthy is the focusing rod supplied with the Type II lens, which offers a new manual focusing experience. The metal rod can be inserted into the finger recess by loosening the screw in the finger recess and screwing in the rod. This means that zone focusing can be adjusted even more intuitively using the angle of the rod. For example, the set distance is approximately 1 meter when it is turned to the 6 o’clock position.

Main Features:

  • Double-sided aspherical lenses for outstanding optical performance
  • Manual focus for precise focusing
  • Intuitive focusing option for type II (focusing rod included)
  • Built-in rangefinder locking system
  • Compact and lightweight design in retro style


12mm/1:5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar aspherical III
12mm/1:5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar aspherical III

The classically designed lens barrel is equipped with an 8-group 10-element optical system with two aspherical lens elements on both sides. Even at an aperture of F1.5, this delivers outstanding optical performance with high sharpness right to the edges.

Focusing rod only for type II

The other technical details are also impressive: the 12 aperture blades ensure a smooth focus gradient and allow the photographer a high degree of creative freedom,
The close-up limit of 50 cm also offers the option of an interesting perspective design of the respective motif. In addition to classic landscape photography, a 28 mm focal length can be used for a variety of other purposes, whereby the lens with a length of 45.5 mm and a compact 43 mm filter diameter always remains extremely mobile and flexible.

With the NOKTON 28 mm F1.5 aspherical, Voigtländer once again sets new standards in terms of image quality and design to offer discerning photographers a unique tool. This wide-angle lens combines aesthetics, mobility and optical excellence at the highest level.


12mm/1:5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar aspherical III
Technical specifications

Type I: Black matt, silver
Type I recommended retail price € 1,049

Type II: Black, silver
Type II recommended retail price € 1,149

The LH-6 lens hood is optionally available for an RRP of € 79

Focal length 28 mm
Mount VM-Mount
light intensity 1:1.5
Smallest aperture F 16
Optical construction 10 lenses in 8 groups
Angle of view 74.5°
Aperture blades 12
Minimum distance 50 cm
Filter size Ø 43 mm
Maximum diameter 54.0 mm
Length 45.5 mm
Weight 250 g (type I), 330 g (type II)
Colors Black matt, silver (type I), black, silver (type II)
Accessories included Lens cap, rear cap
Optional accessories Lens hood LH-6
EAN Type I (black matt) 4002451007016
Type I (silver) 4002451007009
Type II (black) 4002451007030
Type II (silver) 4002451007023

All information as of January 2024, subject to change