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Titel Foto: Bastian Kratzke with Voigtländer
What is special about the Voigtlander lenses is the concentration on the essentials – the optics!
For us, this means omitting some functions that are otherwise common. This waiver ensures significantly more precision. All Voigtländer Classic lenses are therefore fixed focal lengths without autofocus.

This allows us to use the highest quality materials without having to pay attention to their specific weight – no motor has to control an autofocus. Our materials are very resilient – in everyday use as well as when used in borderline climate zones. The feel is perceived as unique – whether when setting the aperture or using the smooth and firm running distance setting. When it comes to quality, we never compromise on our lenses.

A Voigtländer lens is a reliable partner for creating unique photos, no matter what focal length and speed you choose. An optimal tool for transforming your photographic worlds into images.

And: whether analog or digital – Voigtländer lenses are at home in both worlds: we have lenses for use on different camera systems.

Voigtländer lenses – let yourself be inspired by tangible quality.

Lenses VM - Mount

VM- Mount

From the extreme wide angle to the popular “portrait focal length” Designed for our rangefinder cameras, but can also be used on modern SLR cameras with an extra adapter.

Lenses E- Mount

E- Mount

Optics that support the latest camera technology with high-precision mechanics: the lens models with E-mount.

Lenses with MFT - Mount

MFT – Mount

Voigtländer has developed unique lenses for Olympus and Panasonic MFT cameras.

Lenses SL - Mount

SL – Mount

Tuned specifically for digital SLR camera.

Lenses VM - Mount

X – Mount

It’s been a long time coming, now the time has come: Voigtländer presents its first lens with Fuji X-Mount!

Lenses VM - Mount

Z – Mount

Voigtländer Z-Mount lenses were specially developed for use with Nikon Z system cameras.

Lenses VM - Mount

L – (M39) Mount

M39 Mount – The Voigtlander L-Mount has nothing in common with the L-Mount from Leica, Sigma, Panasonic and Leitz Cine lens.