Get inspired!

Lenses VM-Mount

For Leica M-Mount

From extreme wide-angle to the popular portrait focal length” Designed for our rangefinder cameras, but can also be used with modern SLR cameras using an extra adapter.

Lenses VM-Mount

For Canon RF-Mount

Extremely fast NOKTON 50 mm f1 from Voigtländer pushes the boundaries of creativity

Lenses E-Mount

For Sony E-mount

Optics that support the latest camera technology with high-precision mechanics: the lens models with E-mount.

Lenses with MFT-Mount

MFT-Mount (for Panasonic, Olympus und Blackmagic)

Voigtländer has developed unique lenses for MFT cameras from Olympus and Panasonic.

Lenses SL-Mount

For Nikon SL-Mount

Specially designed for digital SLR cameras.

Lens X Mount

For Fujifilm X-Mount

It has been a long time coming: Voigtländer develops unique lenses for
the Fujifilm X-Mount!

Lenses Z-Mount

For Nikon Z-Mount

Voigtländer Z-Mount lenses were specifically developed for use on Nikon Z system cameras.

L-(M39) lenses

For cameras with M39 mount

M39-Mount (Voigtländer L-Mount)