Lenses with E-Mount

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Title: Bastian Kratzke with Voigtländer

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Optics that support the latest camera technology with high-precision mechanics: the lens models with E-connection.

These lenses can be used without adapters to the appropriate cameras. According to the tradition of Voigtländer, the first models will cover the extreme wide-angle range and thus inspire mainly landscape and architecture photographers:

Such extreme focal lengths always represent a special challenge to the photographer. All the more important is a fast and easy communication between optics, camera and photographer.

When focusing, the camera automatically switches to magnification mode if desired, allowing for the greatest accuracy. All lens-relevant data, such as focal length, aperture and distance setting are transmitted to the camera. These data are immediately displayed in the viewfinder / monitor, and e.g. used for exposure measurement and image stabilization.

The selective iris control is used in full format by Voigtländer for the first time in these lenses. For filmmakers an indispensable feature that allows a step and noiseless shutter control.

A special feature is the 40 mm / 1: 2.8 Heliar, which was technically designed as a VM lens and is suitable for use with the Nah + system adapter for e-port cameras. The focus is adjusted via the Nah + adapter; However, EXIF ​​data is not transmitted to the camera.


65mm/1:2 Macro APO LANTHAR aspherical

65mm/1:2 Macro
APO Lanthar asphärisch