Lenses with E-Mount

In terms of quality, we do not compromise!

Titel: Bastian Kratzke

Committed to the highest quality

Lenses with high-precision built, designed for the latest camera technology: our lenses for E-mount.

These lenses can be used without any adapter on the corresponding cameras. Following the Voigtländer tradition, the first lens models will cover the extreme wide-angle range, an exciting prospect for the landscape and architecture photographers.

Such extreme focal lengths challenge the photographer. All the more important is a fast and effective communication between the lens, camera and photographer.

If desired, the camera switches automatically to magnification mode upon focusing, resulting in maximum focusing accuracy. All lens-related data, such as focal length, aperture, and distance are communicated to the camera. These data are shown on the screen or viewfinder, and are used for metering and image stabilization.

The selective aperture control is implemented for the first time in a full-frame Voigtländer lens – a valuable feature for video and filmmakers, allowing for a stepless and silent aperture control.

A quite special lens is the 40 mm/1:2.8 Heliar, which technically is a VM lens. However, with the close+ system adapter, it can be used on E-mount cameras. The adapter enables correct focusing, but EXIF data are not communicated to the camera.


65mm/1:2 Macro APO LANTHAR aspherical

65mm/1:2 Macro