Exclusively developed for Canon RF mount

Titel photo: Cosina

Our lenses – for Canon RF Mount!

Interchangeable lenses with manual focusing that can be attached directly to Canon RF mounts without the use of a mount adapter. The optical design is optimized for image sensors in mirrorless cameras with Canon RF mount. It has a full-size image circle and can be used with both full-frame mirrorless cameras and APS-C format mirrorless cameras.

The lens mount is equipped with electronic contacts to enable electrical communication between the lens and the body. In combination with the Canon EOS R system housing, it supports Exif information, image stabilization in the housing (3-axis) *1and three types of focus support functions (magnified display, peaking, focus guidance*2 ).

The focus ring and aperture ring are made entirely of metal.

*1 Only applies to housings equipped with an integrated image stabilization function.
*2 Except EOS RP.