28 mm / 1:2.0 Ultron VM

Available with two different recessed grips

Title photo: Bastian Kratzke
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We have redesigned our previous Ultron 28 mm F2.0 and made it more compact and lighter. We now also offer two design variants, Type I and Type II. The first version shines in chrome and matt black and has a filigree focusing lever, which will appeal above all to fans of a very classic look. Type II is available in a single color (silver or black) and is equipped with a pronounced recessed grip for quick and intuitive focusing.

The inner workings are identical in each case. This consists of 10 lens elements in 7 groups, one of which has an aspherical surface. The sharpness performance has been improved compared to its predecessor, and the camera has also been adapted to the requirements of modern image sensors.

28 mm / 1:2.0 Ultron
28 mm / 1:2.0 Ultron

It offers a wide range of applications and delivers characterful image results, even in difficult lighting situations. The 10 aperture blades ensure an extremely appealing and smooth bokeh.

With a weight of 190g (type I) or 230g (type II) is always a pleasant companion in the search for that special moment.

It is optimized for Leica M cameras, but can also be used on Fuji X cameras, Sony E and Nikon Z models. Our corresponding Nah+ system adapters are ideal for this purpose.

Two optional lens hoods are available, LH-4N in a circular shape and LH-12 in a rectangular design, which enables slightly higher stray light shielding due to the construction depth.

28 mm / 1:2.0 Ultron
Technical specifications

Price: 849.- EUR

Item no. type I: 111405
Item no. type II black: 111407
Item no. type II silver : 111406

Focal length 28 mm
Mount M-Bayonet (VM)
Light intensity 1:2.0
Smallest aperture F 22
Optical construction 10 lenses in 7 groups
Angle of view 74.51°
Aperture blades 10
Minimum distance 0.5 m
Rangefinder coupling ∞ ~ 0.7 m (depending on camera)
Filter size Ø 39 mm
Maximum diameter 52 mm (type I), 51.4 mm (type II)
Length 36 mm
Weight 190g (type I), 230g (type II)
Colors Black/chrome, black, silver
Accessories included Lens cap, rear cap
Optional accessories Lens hood LH-4N / LH-12
EAN 4002451006903 (type I)
4002451006910 (type II silver)
4002451006927 (type II black)



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