50 mm/1:1.5 Heliar Classic VM

Results that stand out from the crowd

Title photo: Bastian Kratzke
3 years warranty

The Heliar Classic 50 mm F1.5 VM is a deliberate counterpart to today’s high-performance lenses. It is designed in such a way that, with the aperture open, it shows a shaping-classical image through an intentionally left aberration.

The lens configuration consists of six lenses in three groups and interprets the original heliar type. The F1.5 aperture in particular produces a bokeh effect, with spherical and comatic aberrations at the edges of the image, which would be difficult to create using digital processing.

This effect diminishes with increasingly smaller apertures and from aperture F4 the Heliar behaves largely distortion-neutral. The overall effect of the picture can be described as picturesque and velvety.



Nokton Classic 35 mm / 1:1.4
Nokton Classic 35 mm / 1:1.4

This deliberately created image representation gives you an extremely wide range of creative scope and the absence of a multi-coating also ensures atmospheric results, especially in backlight situations (the lens has a single coating).

The lens barrel is made of aluminum, the focusing ring is made of brass and, like the aperture ring, has a fine diamond pattern.
An absolute eye-catcher!

The close-up limit is 50 cm, a high-precision rangefinder coupling is available and a lens hood is also included.

The Heliar Classic 50 mm F1.5 VM is a real creative tool and was developed exclusively for the Leica M mount*. It confidently stands by its “imaging errors” and delivers a unique look.

It is particularly interesting for photographers and artists who work away from perfectionism and the mainstream and who appreciate a warm, soft and analog image effect.

*Using an adapter, it can of course also be used on Sony E-mount cameras, Fujifilm X-mount cameras and Nikon Z-mount cameras.

Technical specifications

Price: 699.- EUR
Item no.: 112 392

Technical data:

Focal length

50 mm


M-Mount (VM)

Light intensity


Smallest aperture

F 16

Optical construction

6 lenses in 3 groups

Angle of view


Aperture blades


Minimum distance

0.5 m

Rangefinder coupling

∞ ~ 0.7 m (depending on camera)

Filter size

Ø 49 mm

Maximum diameter

56.8 mm


41.9 mm


255 g



Accessories included

Lens hood, 2 x lens caps, rear cap

Lens coating

Single Coating (S.C.)



All information as of August 2021, subject to change!


User manual (soon)
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