75 mm / 1:1.9 Ultron VM

Fast portrait lens

Title photo: Niko Neithardt

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The Voigtländer 75 mm F1.9 Ultron VM-Mount is a completely new development and is available with two different lens coatings:
M.C. (Multi Coated) und S.C. (Single Coated).

Lenses from the Ultron series impress with their consistently very good sharpness performance and expressive image look, which for some users is reminiscent of early color film photography. The Voigtländer 75 mm F1.9 Ultron VM fits seamlessly into this characteristic and offers the photographer a wide scope for creativity.

The newly designed optics consist of 7 elements in 5 groups, 3 of which are made of the latest partial dispersion glass technology, which both suppresses chromatic aberration and ensures high image quality. The balance between bokeh and resolution has been optimized by deliberately leaving a moderate spherical aberration: the sharpness of the focused image areas is retained, while at the same time the out-of-focus area creates a rich and large bokeh effect.

35 mm / 1:1.4 Nokton
35 mm / 1:1.4 Nokton

While the M.C. version reacts in a balanced and controlled manner in almost all lighting situations, the S.C. version deliberately shows flares and stray light, especially in backlit conditions. These cannot be influenced and are created by chance, but some photographers like to use them as a stylistic device. Under optimal lighting conditions, the image results of both versions are very similar.

With an overall length of just 54.1 mm, the lens remains extremely compact and hardly protrudes into the viewfinder image on rangefinder cameras. The weight of just 290 g also contributes to the comfortable handling.

The M.C. model has a matt black surface finish, while the S.C. model has a slightly glossy black finish and is therefore more reminiscent of the classic optics. Both are supplied with a screw-on lens hood and a lens cap (both made of metal).

Main Features:

– Exklusiv für den Leica M-Mount entwickelt

– Two different coatings available

– 12 aperture blades for an extremely soft bokeh

– Extremely solid and high quality construction

– Minimum focus distance of 50 cm

– Manual focus for precise focusing

Technical specifications

Price: 749.- EUR
Item no.: 116 262 in matt black multi coated
Item no.: 116 263 in black single coated

Mount M-Mount (VM)
Focal length 75 mm
Light intensity 1:1.9
Smallest aperture (F) 16
Optical construction 7 lenses in 5 groups
Angle of view 32.6°
Aperture blades 12
Close focusing distance 0.5 m
Max. Diameter 56.8 mm
Length 54.1 mm
Weight 290 g
Filter size 49 mm
Color black / black matt