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Title photo: Bastian Kratzke with Voigtländer

System adapter Nah+ type VM-X II
The additional extension of 4.5 mm through the focusing spiral of the adapter enables focusing even beyond the minimum focus distance of the lens.

Main features:
– Special design for Voigtländer VM and Zeiss ZM lenses
– Extra 4.5 mm focus helicoid extension for even more precise focusing
– Fully knurled metal focus ring for excellent operability
– High-precision helicoid and high-quality lubricant for silky-smooth operation
– Infinity lock to prevent accidental focusing

List close-up limit (pdf)

Item no.: 113 565
Price: 299,- Euro

Nah+ type VM / E-mount II system adapter

The VM-E close focus adapter type II is equipped with an extended helicoid, which makes it possible to photograph closer than the nominal shooting distance of the attached lens.

Main features:
– Exclusively developed for Voigtländer VM lenses
– Extends the shortest shooting distance with a helicoid (4.3 mm focuser)
– Knurling of the diamond pattern ensures excellent operability
– Silky feel due to high-precision manufacturing
– Infinity locking mechanism

The operating ring is knurled with a beautiful diamond pattern and allows sensitive use. The high-precision helical surface and high-quality lubrication ensure fine and even focusing. In addition, the operating ring has a practical infinity lock.

Corresponding image circle: Full format
Maximum diameter: 61.9 mm
Weight: 74 g
Item no.: 114 293
Price: 299,- Euro

System adapter near + type VM – Z-Mount

With this near focus adapter, Voigtlander VM lenses, Zeiss ZM lenses and Voigtländer screw thread lenses, which are equipped with an M / L adapter ring, can be used on a Z-mount camera.

The VM-Z near focus adapter has a built-in 5.5 mm helicoid that can be used to reduce the original minimum focus distance

Item no.: 109386
Price: 299, – Euro

VM-Mount on Sony E cameras / Systemadapter made of high quality

For M-Mount lenses on Sony E cameras

Item no.: 19634
Price: 199,- Euro

L- Mount on M Mount / Systemadapter made of high quality

For L screw mount on M mount

Item no.: 19450: 28/29 mm Type II, 19451: 35/135 mm Type II, 19454:50/75 mm

Price: 74,- Euro