Frequently asked question

Customers from the U.S. please turn to one of the distributors:

369 West 34th Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001

Stephen Gandy’s CameraQuest
1336 Moorpark Rd, Box 184 T
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-5224

Customers from all other countries please contact your local dealer for any inquiry

Please note that we cannot offer user guides or information about older products

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty is three years from the date of purchase. In case of warranty, please contact your Voigtländer dealer.

Whom can I contact for a repair out of warranty?

Please contact your Voigtlander Dealer.

Are the current Voigtländer lenses compatible with digital SLR / system cameras?

Our lenses are compatible or adaptable with current cameras. The Classic lenses do not have autofocus. For further information please contact your dealer.

What should be considered when using adapters?

Please use only high quality adapters. Using “no name” adapters may result in aberrations or mechanical damage. What should you watch out for when using adapters?

Can I use Voigtländer lenses on cameras with a smaller image sensor than full format (eg APS-C)?

Of course, our lenses can also be used here. Note, however, the change in the angle of view due to the crop factor.

Can I use my old Voigtländer lens on a digital SLR / system camera?
On current digital cameras many optics from the “analog” time work, as long as the bayonet is compatible and the Auflagemaß is correct. It should be noted that the specification of the focal length in older interchangeable lenses always refers to the dimensions of 35mm film in analog cameras. Due to the often smaller sensor size of digital cameras, the focal length has to be converted (crop factor). In addition, it must be assumed that the automatic functions of the camera are not supported by the lens but must be set manually (shutter speed, aperture, distance). In general, it requires a test series, if the respective combination of camera and lens is capable of satisfactory handling and imaging performance.
Can I shorten / cut off the lens hood permanently installed on some lenses?
Please note that the built-in lens hood is an important factor in the imaging performance of the lens. Any interference with the lens design will void any warranty or warranty claims.