Lenses with FUJIFILM X - Mount

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Perfect for photo and film

The extremely fast and compact fixed focal lengths from Voigtländer are the congenial partners of the Fujifilm X cameras.

Outstanding image quality and compact format. As a result, the Fujifilm X series has become a favorite of young creatives – photographers and filmmakers alike. Its high-resolution X-Trans CMOS sensor guarantees images of exceptional quality. With us you will find the special lenses for these special cameras.

Fast lenses with low weight. The camera manufacturer’s large lens program covers many areas. However, top lens speed (1:1.2) in a compact and lightweight design (approx. 200 g) can only be found with our Nokton lenses.

Two lenses in one. Do you want your lens to have soft flair at times and crisp details at others? With our X lenses, this is the program. At open aperture, they deliver the most delicate melting – a dream especially in black and white.
Stopping down then elicits all the details from the subject.


At a glance

  • full system compatibility through the X Mount
  • soft bokeh and extreme speed
  • compact and lightweight design
  • stepless and silent iris control for powerful videos
3 year warranty button