Get closer to the action – Voigtländer lenses

Bastian Kratzke

In addition to contract work in the field of architecture, his passions are landscape and travel photography. As a blogger, he writes lens reviews for Phillipreeve.net.

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Mehrdad Samak-Abedi

A globetrotter who likes to discover foreign countries and cultures. With documentary views, he captures landscapes, street scenes and urban life, giving the viewer a feeling of close proximity.

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Alexander Heinrichs

His focus is on high-quality portrait, product and advertising photos, but also photorealistic montages and composings. As a coach for photography, he is meanwhile traveling internationally on trips, conferences and workshops.

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Michael Kästner

He likes to take fotos of most precious moments in the most beautiful places in the world and make them accessible to friends and family as wonderful memories.

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