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Titel photo: Bastian Kratzke

All pictures taken with our Voigtländer lenses! Get thrilled!

Let us introduce you:

Snow and avalanche researcher, ski guide, geologist – on the road in Austria, South America, Canada, Japan, Norway, Armenia or Georgia.

Peter Schön is in many professions and regions on the road – almost driven by the urge for personal experience.

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The independent photographer works both commercially as a freelancer, as well as in free artistic projects, in which he focuses on landscape and architectural photography.

Schwier has earned a veritable reputation, numerous awards and prizes prove it.

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The images of Toby Seifinger look more than a moment. They tell stories.

The Munich likes to focus on people and their activities – from the parachutist in the air to the portrait model to the rock star on the big stage or the racing driver in his racing car.

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Benny Rebel is one of the most successful nature photographers of our time!

His works have received several international awards, and the press has portrayed the renowned artist more often than most other photographers. He is the author of books, films, multimedia shows and other media.

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  • Company founded by Johann Christoph Voigtländer in Vienna

    1797 - National power to manufacture measuring instruments
    1763 - Protection Decree by Empress Maria Theresia
    1756 - Company founded by Johann Christoph Voigtländer in Vienna
  • The first metal camera in the world is produced

    1898 - Peter Wilhelm Friedrich Voigtländer is ennobled by the Emperor of Austria and elevated to hereditary equestrian status.
    1868 - Completion of the 10,000th photo lens
    1862 - Foundation of the branch office in Braunschweig, then the central hub in the new European railway network.
    1849 - The world's first metal camera is produced.
    1840 - Little time after the publication of the invention of photography
    1839 - Voigtländer manufactures the first analytically calculated lens in the world (Prof. Petzval). Only then did photography become practicable;
    the exposure time was now only 1-2 minutes instead of 20-30 minutes.
    1823 - Imperial Privilege for Double Theater Perspective (Opera Glasses)
    1815 - Imperial privilege for periscope glasses
    1807 - Johann Friedrich Voigtländer expands the optical production.
  • Completion of the 2,000,000th lens

    1939 - Completion of the 2.000.000th lens
    1937 - The 6x9 cm roll film SLR BRILLANT enlarges the successes
    1931 - The 6x9 cm rollfilm camera BESSA opens the wide market.
    1930 - The expansion of mass production begins.
    1929 - The Schering AG, chemical factory and producer of photographic processing material (films) acquires the majority of shares.
    The photochemical products of Schering AG are now being sold with the Voigtländer brand.
    1925 - Transformation of the family business into a stock corporation
  • The 35 mm reflex camera BESSAMATIC is launched

    Google Übersetzer Sofortübersetzung deaktivieren 419/5000 1959 - BESSAMATIC 35 mm SLR camera is launched.
    1958 - 200th company anniversary. Schering AG sells its shares in Voigtländer AG to the Carl Zeiss Foundation.
    1956 - completion of the 4,000,000th lens
    1955 - The 35mm VITESSA camera sets new standards in film rapid transport.
    1953 - The 35mm VITO camera is a bestseller right from the start.
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  • The world’s first 35mm camera with built-in electronic flash

    1973 - For economic reasons, the Carl Zeiss Group ceases to manufacture the cameras in consumer price terms due to the Japanese competition.
    1972 - Founding of the Zeiss-Ikon / Voigtländer - distribution company.
    1965 - The VITRONA is the world's first 35mm KB camera with built-in electronic flash, and is setting new standards 1963 - The DYNAMATIC, the world's first fully automatic 35 mm KB camera with fully automatic program shutter, makes headlines
    1960 - The Voigtländer ZOOMAR, the world's first variable-length universal lens for 35mm-KB cameras, is causing a sensation worldwide.
  • Voigtländer is acquired by RINGFOTO GmbH & Co

    1999 - With the relaunch of the BESSA L, there was the begin of a new era: the CLASSIC COLLECTION is highly esteemed by fans and experts and can win the best test judgments.
    1997 - Voigtländer is acquired by RINGFOTO GmbH & Co.
    1996 - 240 years Voigtländer
    With the demise of Rollei, Voigtländer becomes the property of Plusfoto GmbH & Co.
    1982 - Rollei takes over Voigtländer and produces Voigtländer products in its own factories in Singapore and Braunschweig / Uelzen, again. With its own sales organization, a complete range of photo equipment is sold - the Voigtländer GmbH.
    1981 - 225 years Voigtländer