Values. We stand for decelerated photography. As the world’s oldest manufacturer of branded optical products, we are shaping the photographic style of the 21st century with our lenses.

Images – moving and still – control our perception. And the pictures that really touch us tell a story. We use our smartphones to document our lives. But we can only create such images with the camera. And with our very special lenses, we give these images our own style.

Focus on the essentials and quality you can see. All Voigtländer lenses are fixed focal lengths without autofocus. Manufactured from the highest quality materials that can be relied on even under extreme conditions.

A new gateway for your creativity. Even at first glance, most Voigtländer lenses impress with light intensities that you will look for in vain elsewhere. They are the perfect tools for atmospheric available-light shots or tender portraits.

Not a question of the system. Voigtländer lenses are at home in all worlds. They are available with numerous camera connections and adapters offer further options.

At a glance

  • Focus on the essentials – adjustment rings for aperture and distance instead of autofocus
  • Extreme resilience thanks to high-quality materials
  • for many digital and analog camera systems
  • Unique light intensity and bokeh

Voigtländer – BUILT TO CREATE

Voigtländer lenses for
Testing near you!

Be inspired by the processing quality and the image results of our lenses and experience a large selection of the collection to touch and try out.

Dates 2024

Date Location
20.04.24 Photo walk at Foto Erhardt in Bremen
27.04. 24 Photo Erhardt Event Darmstadt
03.05. – 05.05.24 Fujistore Nuremberg with Christian Laxander
03.05 – 05.05.24 FemaleFotoDays Foto Meyer with Vivienne Bade
16.05.-17.05.24 Lichtblick Konstanz with Niko Neithardt
23.05. – 26.05.24 Paris / Photo tour with David Nienhaus
14.06. – 15.06.24 Digital Camera Graz
28.06. – 29.06.24 Leica Store Heidelberg mit Niko Neithardt
13.07.24 Photo Meyer Berlin / Cast off
20.09 – 21.09.24 Leica Store Heidelberg mit Niko Neithardt
25.10. – 26.10.24 Photo Erhardt In-house exhibition Bremen
22.11. – 23.11.24 Leica Store Heidelberg mit Niko Neithardt
29.11. – 30.11.24 Photo Becker, Heidenheim


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