Convincing imaging performance

23 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton X

Designed exclusively for the Fujifilm APS-C sensor.
Titel photo: Bastian Kratzke
The Nokton 23 mm F1.2 X was developed exclusively for the Fujifilm APS-C sensor and optimally matched to it. The focal length corresponds to about 35 mm on Fujifilm APS-C cameras and thus offers the popular and universal reportage focal length. A high speed of F1.2 ensures enormous cropping potential with the possibility of particularly vivid detail reproduction, and the new Nokton also impresses with fine image quality across all aperture stops.
50 mm/1:1,2 Nokton E
Nokton Classic 35 mm / 1:1.4
As usual from Voigtländer, the Nokton 23 mm F1.2 X is made exclusively of glass and metal and grants a rich, yet sensitive handling. Focusing is purely manual, the aperture can be precisely adjusted in 1/3 stops and the electrical contacts allow communication with the camera (please see the notes at the end!).

Compact dimensions and a weight of only 214 grams make our Nokton a pleasant daily companion! A lens hood is included in the scope of delivery.

Main Features:

– Exclusively designed for Fuji X-mount
– Manual focus for precise focusing
– 12 aperture blades for exceptional bokeh
– Extremely solid and high quality construction
– Close-up limit 18 cm

Technical specifications

Preis: 699.- EUR

Anschluss X
Brennweite     23 mm
Lichtstärke 1:1,2
Kleinste Blende (F) 16
selektives Blendenkontrollsystem nein
Optischer Aufbau 10 Linsen in 6 Gruppen
Bildwinkel 63,2°
Blendenlamellen 12
Naheinstellgrenze 0,18 m
Größter Abbildungsmaßstab
max. Durchmesser 59,3 mm
Gesamtlänge 43,8 mm
Übertragung der Exif -Daten  vorhanden (nicht bei allen)
Manueller Fokus-Assistent vorhanden
Gewicht 214 g
Filtergröße Durchmesser 46 mm
Farbe schwarz
Sonstiges inkl. Sonnenblende, Objektivdeckel, Rückdeckel


Usermanual (folgt)
Printingfiles (folgt)
Wichtige Hinweise bezüglich der Datenkommunikation
Telecommunications compatible models and F / W * 3
X-H1 V2.13 or higher
X-T4 V1.25 or higher
X-T3 V4.12 or higher
X-T2 V4.40 or above * 5
X-Pro3 V1.23 or higher
X-S10 V2.10 or higher
X-E4 V1.04 or higher
X-T30 V1.41 or higher
X-T30 II V1.00 or higher

* 1 This product is equipped with electronic contacts, but there are restrictions on the body that can perform telecommunications. Check the above list of telecommunications compatible models
Please acknowledge.
* 2 It is recommended to change the depth of field display to the film standard (the same value as the depth scale engraved on the product) in the body settings.
* 3 If the F / W is less than the stated F / W, the performance may not be exhibited or some functions may be limited, so please use the latest F / W.
For checking the F / W of the body you are using and obtaining the latest F / W, please check the body instruction manual.
* 4 When using with a model that does not support telecommunications, change the body setting [Release without lens] to “Allow”.
* 5 When using with X-T2, it is possible to display with Fno by changing the aperture value display setting from TNo to FNo in the body settings.

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