35 mm / 1:2 MACRO APO Ultron

A completely new development

Title photo: Bastian Kratzke
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The 35 mm F2.0 Macro APO-Ultron X is a completely new development and was designed exclusively for the Fujifilm APS-C sensor. The focal length corresponds to around 53 mm on Fujifilm APS-C cameras and thus offers a popular and universal standard focal length.

The lens configuration consists of nine elements in six groups, whereby three elements made of glass with abnormal partial dispersion are used. A special feature is the minimum focus distance of just 16.3 cm (magnification 1:2) with a working distance to the subject of 6 cm (with lens hood attached). This enables exciting perspectives with an extremely narrow depth of field range.

50 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton E

In addition to the pleasantly natural color rendition due to the apochromatic design, the lens has a maximum aperture of F2.0 – an exceptionally large aperture for a macro lens. A front focusing system is used in which the front four groups are moved together, which also keeps the extension length short when focusing. Overall, with a length of 54.8 mm and a weight of 265 g, the lens is very compact and portable.

The lens is also equipped with electronic contacts that ensure reliable communication between the lens and the camera body. Functions such as the focus check, the display of the shooting distance and the camera’s internal image stabilization and parallax correction are supported on certain models (please note the “Important notes on data communication” at the end).

The Voigtländer 35 mm / 1:2.0 Macro APO-Ultron X-Mount is not only aimed at macro photographers, but also offers the right mix of perspective, image quality and pleasant handling for many other photographic situations.

A lens hood is included in the scope of delivery.

Main Features:

– Exclusively developed for Fuji X-mount
– Manual focus for precise focusing
– Extremely solid and high quality construction
– Apochromatic design for true-to-life color reproduction
– Minimum focus distance of only 16.3 cm
– largest magnification 1:2

    Technical specifications

    Technical data:

    Item no.: 115086
    Price: 699.- EUR

    Mount X
    Focal length 35 mm
    Light intensity 1:2.0
    Smallest aperture (F) 22
    Selective aperture control system No
    Optical construction 9 lenses in 6 groups
    Angle of view 42.8°
    Aperture blades 10
    Close focusing distance 0.163 m
    Largest magnification 1:2
    Max. Diameter 60.7 mm
    Length 54.8 mm
    Transfer of Exif data available (not for all)
    Manual focus assistant available
    Weight 265 g
    Filter size Diameter 49 mm
    Color black
    Others incl. Lens hood, lens cap, rear cap

    Important Note

    There are limitations in connection with different camera models.

    Transfer of EXIF data possible *1 *2

    Focus magnifier (focus peaking) possible

    Distance display possible

    Image stabilization possible on all models with image stabilization function

    Parallax compensation only possible with X-Pro3 Body Communication compatible models and firmware *2 *3

    X-H2s V3.01 or higher

    X-H2 V1.21 or higher

    X-Pro3 V1.23 or higher

    X-T5 V1.03 or higher

    X-S10 V2.10 or higher

    X-S20 V1.13 or higher

    X-H1 V2.13 or higher

    X-T4 V1.25 or higher

    X-T3 V4.12 or higher

    X-T2 V4.40 or higher *4

    X-T30 V1.41 or higher

    X-T30 II V1.00 or higher

    X-E4 V1.04 or higher. Please check the current support status on the Cosina website.

    *1 This product is equipped with electronic contacts, but there are limitations. Check the above list of communication-compatible models. *2 It is recommended to change the depth of field display in the housing settings to the film standard (the same value as the depth scale engraved on the product). *3 If the firmware of the housing is lower than the specified value, the performance may not be displayed or some functions may be limited, so please use the latest firmware. *4 When using with the X-T2, it is possible to display the f-number by changing the aperture value display from TNo to FNo in the settings. *5 When using with a model that does not support electronic communication, change the housing setting [Auslösen ohne Objektiv] to “allow”.