21 mm / 1:1.4 Nokton aspherical VM

Lens design with floating element

Titel Foto: Johannes Morsbach

3 Jahre Garantie

Many photographers wanted an extremely powerful and fast super wide-angle lens for VM mount from Voigtländer. This was reason enough for us to get involved in development. The result: our

Voigtländer 21mm / 1:1.4 Nokton aspherical VM!

The complex optical structure consists of a total of 13 elements in eleven groups. In addition to the use of two lens elements with aspherical surfaces, a “floating element” is also used, which enables outstanding image quality, especially at close range. The aspherical lenses ensure distortion-free imaging and help to avoid chromatic aberrations. In addition, this optical design has made it possible to achieve a compact design despite the high light intensity.

21 mm / 1:1.8 Ultron

The close-up limit of 50 cm in conjunction with the F1.4 lens speed provides plenty of creative scope for playing with the depth of field and produces expressive photos with their own visual language. The focal length of 21 mm covers an image angle of 90.3° and therefore offers an extremely dynamic perspective, whether architecture, landscape, astronomy or close-up with an extended background.

Our new specialist has been specially developed for rangefinder cameras and, as usual, is extremely robust and made exclusively from metal and glass. In addition to the excellent build quality, the lens also impresses with its relatively moderate weight of 480 g. This means that the lens is always a pleasant companion on all photo tours.

A lens hood designed exclusively for this lens is included in the scope of delivery.

The main features:

– Lens design with floating element

– 12 aperture blades for a soft bokeh

– Manual focus for precise focusing

– Optimized for full-frame cameras with VM mount

– Precise rangefinder coupling (∞ ~ 0.7 m / depending on the camera)

– Extremely solid construction


21 mm / 1:1.8 Ultron
Technical specifications

Price: 1299,- EUR
Item no.: 108 516

Focal length 21 mm
Light intensity 1:1,4
Smallest aperture (F) 16
Optical construction 13 lenses in 11 groups
Angle of view 90.3°
Aperture blades 12
Close focusing distance 0.5 m
Max. Diameter 69.5 mm
Length 69.7 mm
Mount M-Bayonet (VM)
Weight 480 g
Filter size 62 mm
Color black
Others Can be combined with rangefinder, including lens hood