75 mm / 1:1.5 Nokton

Exclusively developed for Canon RF Mount

Main Features:

  • Specially designed for Canon RF mount
  • Manual focus for reliable fine focusing
  • High light intensity with outstanding image quality
  • Data communication with the camera housing via electronic contacts
  • Robust and durable all-metal lens barrel
  • 12 aperture blades for a beautiful bokeh
  • Selective aperture control for stepless operation when shooting video
Nokton 75 f1.5 RF Mount Voigtländer
75 mm/ 1:1,5 Nokton asphärisch Bild 2

Photo: Cosina

A new jewel in photography: Voigtländer unveils the NOKTON 75 mm F1.5 aspherical for the Canon RF bayonet.

This medium telephoto lens with manual focus and an impressive wide aperture is an exciting new addition for photographers looking for exceptional image quality and creative possibilities.

The NOKTON 75 mm F1.5 aspherical RF was specially developed for the Canon R system and offers a full-frame image circle that is perfectly matched to the image sensor of the Canon R system. This optimized integration ensures first-class image quality directly through the lens, without digital post-processing.

75 mm/ 1:1,5 Nokton asphärisch Linsenschnitt

One of the outstanding features of this lens is the data communication with the Canon body via electronic contacts, which enables seamless integration and optimal use of the functions*. Photographers also benefit from various focus support functions such as magnification, peaking and focus guidance.

The lens construction consists of 7 elements in 6 groups and despite the impressive F1.5 aperture, the lens remains compact while offering outstanding performance. The aspherical lens ensures excellent imaging performance over the entire focusing range, which is particularly evident at the minimum focusing distance of 0.5 m and the maximum aperture of F1.5. This results in an extremely soft bokeh effect and an impressive depth of field.

Precise focusing is supported by a high-quality metal helicoid with an engraved diamond pattern to provide the user with secure handling and extremely accurate focusing. The metal aperture ring has a click-switch mechanism that allows the aperture to be adjusted silently for video recordings.

The almost circular aperture with 12 elements creates a beautiful bokeh effect and enables a clear representation of out-of-focus areas of point light sources. The lens is supplied with a threaded lens hood to protect it from unwanted light reflections.

The Voigtländer NOKTON 75 mm F1.5 aspherical RF is an impressive addition for photographers who want to bring their creative vision to life. With its exceptional image quality, compact design and versatile features, this lens is a must-have for Canon RF users who want to get the best out of their shots.

The Voigtländer NOKTON 75 mm F1.5 aspherical RF is now available from authorized Voigtländer dealers at a recommended retail price of 1,049 euros.

*except EOS RP

Technical specifications

Item no.: 119 207
Recommended retail price: 1,049.- €

Focal length 75 mm
Mount RF-Mount (Full format)
Light intensity 1:1.5
Smallest aperture F 32
Optical construction 7 elements in 6 groups
Angle of view 32.6°
Aperture blades 12
Minimum distance 0,50 m
Filter size Ø 62 mm
Maximum diameter 74.0 mm
Length 71.9 mm
Weight 525 g
Color black
Accessories included Lens cap, rear cap, lens hood
EAN 4002451006590

All information as of March 2024, subject to change!