110 mm / 1:2.5 Macro APO-LANTHAR E

Developed exclusively for Sony E-mount full-frame cameras

Title photo: Bastian Kratzke


Our Macro APO-LANTHAR E is a top-class lens and was developed exclusively for Sony E-mount full-frame cameras. It achieves a maximum magnification of 1:1 without additional attachments.

The elaborate lens construction with floating elements (three lens groups in total) ensures consistently high imaging performance over the entire setting range, which is particularly noticeable in macro photography.



15 mm / 1:4.5 Super Wide Heliar aspherical III

The apochromatic correction of the lens reduces color errors and color fringing at sharp edges to a minimum and achieves a natural reproduction of all details.

The 110 mm focal length not only ensures a good working distance to subjects for macro shots, the Lanthar is of course ideally suited for portrait shots.


Another attractive feature is the ability to produce images with a strong bokeh effect, which is made possible by the focal length of 110 mm and the maximum aperture of F2.5.

Distance and aperture are set manually, but the lens also has electrical contacts with which the lens settings can be included in the Exif information of the image data during image capture.

The lens also supports the camera’s internal 5-axis image stabilization.


Technical specifications

Price: 1,199.- EUR
Item no.: 103241

Focal length 110 mm
Light intensity 1:2.5
Smallest aperture (F) 22
Selective aperture control system No
Optical construction 14 lenses in 12 groups
Angle of view 22.6°
Aperture blades 10
Close focusing distance 0.35 m
Largest magnification 1:1
Max. Diameter 78.4 mm
Length 99.7 mm
Mount E
Transfer of Exif data available
Manual focus assistant available
Weight 771 g
Filter size Diameter 58 mm
Color black
Others Metal lens hood, front cover, rear cover