40 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton E

Aspherical high-speed standard lens

Title photo: Bastian Kratzke

3 year warranty

The 40 mm/1:1.2 Nokton aspherical is a fast, manual lens. The lens is the world’s first 40mm full frame lens with an F1.2 aperture while maintaining its compact size. The optical design incorporates two aspherical lens elements so that you can enjoy reliable optical performance and soft bokeh at maximum aperture.

40 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton aspherical
40 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton aspherical

When used on cameras with an APS-C sensor, the focal length of 40 mm corresponds to approximately 60 mm, so the lens can be used universally as a standard lens on both full-frame cameras and APS-C cameras.

The aperture has an adjustment in 1/3 steps. The lens is equipped with the selective aperture control system to enable stepless adjustment of the aperture when recording video.

40 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton aspherical
Technical specifications

Price: 1099.- EUR Art-Nr.: 19665

Focal length when used with a full-frame camera 40 mm
Aperture ratio F 1,2
Smallest aperture F 22
Optical design 8 lenses in 6 groups
Optitical setup 8 lenses in 6 groups
Angle of view 55°
Aperture blades 10
Minimum distance 0,35 m
Image scale 1:6,2
Max. diameter 70,1 mm
Length 59,3 mm
Mount E
Electrical contact: Transmission of Exif data available
Manual focus assist available
Weight 420 g
Filter diameter Ø 58 mm
Colors black
others Selective aperture control system Standard lens hood, front cover, rear cover
Standard lens hood and lens cap included in the scope of delivery