50 mm / 1:1 Nokton

Exclusively developed for Canon RF Mount

Title photo: Cosina

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Main Features:

  • Outstanding optical performance thanks to GA lens element
  • Special design for the Canon RF connection
  • Data communication with the camera housing via electronic contacts
  • Robust and durable all-metal lens barrel
  • Manual focus for reliable fine focusing
  • Floating elements for consistently high image sharpness
  • 12-blade aperture for beautiful bokeh
  • Selective aperture control enables stepless operation for video recordings
  • Excellent optical performance with outstanding sharpness
  • Extremely solid and high-quality construction
50 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton E

For the first time for the Canon RF connection – a real premiere.

The fixed focal length is an optical masterpiece that pushes the creative boundaries for photographers and focuses on unparalleled image quality. For photo and video. Thanks to infinitely variable aperture adjustment, moving images can be staged without clicking.

Extremely fast fixed focal length with f/1

The NOKTON 50 mm f/1 Aspherical sets new standards for fast lenses. With an impressive lens speed of f/1, it offers photographers the opportunity to take breathtaking pictures even in difficult lighting conditions.

The large aperture not only enables the creative realization of detailed images in low light, but also produces an impressive bokeh for artistic portraits and a unique background blur thanks to the almost circular aperture of f/1. The first-class lens is rounded off by twelve aperture blades, which create an almost perfect circular bokeh and ensure soft focus transitions.

Developed for the Canon EOS R system

The NOKTON 50 mm f/1 Aspherical was specially developed and optimized for the Canon EOS R system. The electronic contacts of the lens enable fast and reliable communication with the camera, allowing, for example, image stabilization in three axes, various focus assistance modes such as magnification, peaking and focus guidance as well as the transfer of Exif information to be used.
Smart functions that make photography even easier, more convenient and more reliable. For example, focus peaking can be used to optimize the sharpness of detailed shots to the exact desired area – for crisp, sharp images.


Excellent optical performance

The outstanding feature of the NOKTON 50mm f/1 Aspherical is the aspherical lens made from a particularly high-quality glass with a high refractive index. As a result, the fast fixed focal length achieves exceptional image sharpness in every shooting situation and reduces optical aberrations at the same time. With a floating lens element, the lens also guarantees consistent image quality from the shortest shooting distance of 0.45 m to infinity: ideal, for example, for classic reportage photos from a short distance with an authentic look or creative portraits in the soft light of dusk.
Thanks to the excellent image quality and exceptional light intensity, there are no limits to creativity. Accordingly, the photographic spectrum ranges from nature, landscape, portrait and street to completely new perspectives or star shots at night.

Precise manual focusing and stepless aperture

Manual focusing is performed via a precise metal focus ring with a diamond pattern, which enables reliable fine focusing. This means that the focus can be set precisely for each subject and checked on the Canon EOS R camera’s Live View display. The aperture is also controlled via a mechanical ring on the lens and has a switching mechanism for click-free video recordings.

With its wide range of application examples and the technical features of the lens, photographers can exploit the full potential of the NOKTON 50 mm F/1 Aspherical for Canon RF mount and expand their creative capabilities.

Some areas of application for the lens:

Portrait photography in low light: The NOKTON 50 mm F/1 Aspherical is the ideal choice for portrait photographers who want to work in difficult lighting conditions. With its extreme light intensity of f/1, you can create impressive portraits with natural background blur and a beautiful bokeh, even at dusk or indoors.
Reportage photographers: This lens is an excellent choice for reportage photographers who want to capture authentic moments from a short distance. The exceptional image quality and aspherical lens ensure razor-sharp images and minimize optical aberrations. With a shooting distance of just 0.45 m, you can get closer to your subject and still retain detail and sharpness.

Landscape photographer at sunset:

The NOKTON 50 mm F/1 Aspherical is also ideal for landscape photographers who want to capture the beauty of nature in all its facets. The supplied metal lens hood minimizes stray light and improves image quality. The wide aperture allows you to take impressive landscape shots even in low light.

Technical specifications

Technical data:

Item no.: 117963
Price: 1,799.- €

Focal length

50 mm


RF-Mount (Full format)

Light intensity


Smallest aperture

F 16

Optical construction

9 lenses in 7 groups

Angle of view


Aperture blades


Minimum distance

0.45 m

Filter size

Ø 67 mm

Maximum diameter

79.3 mm


64 mm


650 g



Accessories included

Lens cap, rear cap, lens hood

Item no.