40 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton

Aspherical fast Standardlens for Canon RF Mount

Title photo: COSINA

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The new Voigtländer 40 mm F1.2 Nokton aspherical RF mount is – after the 50mm F1.0 presented in fall 2023 – our second lens for the RF bayonet. It has a large aperture of F1.2, is operated completely manually like all our lenses and has been exclusively adapted and optimized for the image sensors of the Canon R system.

The lens construction consists of eight elements in six groups. Two lens elements have a double-sided aspherical design, which contributes to an outstanding imaging performance, with impressive sharpness in the peripheral areas even at open aperture. The high speed enables impressive results in available light photography and offers a wide range of options when changing the focus levels. In addition, a close-up limit of only 30 cm could be realized, which opens up interesting creative perspectives in image composition. The lens also impresses with its extremely pleasant bokeh (10 aperture blades).

40 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton aspherical
40 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton aspherical

The aperture design has also been designed with video specialists in mind: a switching mechanism allows the aperture to be changed from 1/3 click steps to a stepless, and therefore completely silent, setting.

The lens communicates with the respective Canon body via electronic contacts. In addition to the Exif information and the camera’s own 3-axis image stabilization (*1), the lens supports three types of focus functions (magnification, focus peaking and focus guidance) (*2).

The excellent assist functions of the Canon R cameras enable extremely precise focus adjustment and take manual focusing to a new level. Last but not least, the objective exterior design of the lens fits perfectly with the Canon R-series cameras and together they form a harmonious unit.

The Voigtländer 40 mm F1.2 Nokton therefore offers Canon users new, exciting and inspiring experiences away from the familiar portfolio of lenses.

The Voigtländer 40 mm F1.2 Nokton aspherical RF mount is expected to be available from authorized Voigtländer dealers from the end of January 2024, with a recommended retail price of 999 euros. A metal lens hood is included in the scope of delivery. Pre-orders are now possible.

*1 only applies to cameras with integrated image stabilization.
*2 except EOS RP.

40 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton aspherical
Technical specifications

Price: 999.- EUR

Focal length 40 mm
Mount RF-Mount (Full format)
Light intensity 1:1.2
Smallest aperture F 22
Optical construction 8 lenses in 6 groups
Angle of view 54.9°
Aperture blades 10
Minimum distance 0.30 m
Filter size Ø 58 mm
Maximum diameter 70.8 mm
Length 56.4 mm
Weight 400 g
Color black
Accessories included Lens cap, rear cap, lens hood
EAN 4002451007047

All information as of January 2024, subject to change!