50 mm / 1:3.5 Heliar aspherical VM

Heliar in a Vintage-Design
Title photo: Bastian Kratzke
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Our Voigtländer 50 mm / 1:3.5 Heliar VM is a lens with a strong character, whose vintage design is reminiscent of the aesthetic appearance of the famous Voigtländer classics from the 19th century. The aesthetics of the lens combine modern photography with nostalgic charm.

The lens consists of a total of 5 lenses arranged in 3 groups. This design enables exceptional image quality with sharp details and remarkable image depth. The Heliar optics used, with a speed of 1:3.5 and a focal length of 50 mm, create a pleasant blur in the background, making the lens ideal for a variety of photographic styles.

50 mm / 1:3.5 Heliar aspherical
50 mm / 1:3.5 Heliar aspherical

Particularly noteworthy are the 10 aperture blades of the lens, which create an almost circular aperture. This helps to ensure that points of light in the background are rendered as pleasantly round and soft circles of light, resulting in an attractive bokeh effect.

Although the Voigtländer 50 mm / 1:3.5 Heliar VM is reminiscent of the design of the past, its optics and performance are state of the art. It is an ideal lens for photographers looking for a combination of vintage style and modern performance to achieve unique and aesthetic shots.

50 mm / 1:3.5 Heliar aspherical
Technical specifications

Price: 579.- EUR
Item no.: 19491

Focal length 50 mm
Aperture ratio 1:3.5
Smallest aperture F 22
Optical construction 5 lenses in 3 groups
Angle of view 46°
Aperture blades 10
Minimum distance 0.7 m
Max. Diameter 52 mm
Length 43.2 mm
Mount M-Mount (VM)
Weight 187 g
Filter size 27 mm
Colors black-silver
Others Screw-in lens hood, silent visor, moving front element, can be combined with rangefinder