10.5 mm / 1:0.95 Nokton MFT

The super wide angle in our exceptionally fast family

Title photo: Bastian Kratzke



The 10.5 mm / 1:0.95 Nokton is the super wide-angle lens in our exceptionally fast family of fine manual fixed focal lengths for the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) bayonet.

10.5 mm / 1:0.95 Nokton
10.5 mm / 1:0.95 Nokton

The maximum aperture of 1:0.95 allows an extreme reduction in depth of field and opens up new creative possibilities for photography and video. Added to this is the wide diagonal picture angle of 93 degrees – ideal for gripping reports in low light and at close range.

13 lenses work in 10 groups, the selective iris control allows a gradual and noiseless adjustment of the opening. The closest limit is only 17 cm. A lens hood with cover is supplied with all Voigtländer lenses with MFT bayonet.
10.5 mm / 1:0.95 Nokton
Technical specifications

Price: 1,149.- EUR
Item no.: 19554

Focal length 10.5 mm
Aperture ratio 1:0.95
Smallest aperture F 16
Optical construction 13 lenses in 10 groups
Angle of view 93°
Aperture blades 10
Image scale 1:8.2
Shortest distance setting 0.17 m
Max. Diameter 77 mm
Length 82.4 mm
Weight 586 g (without lens hood)
Filter size 72 mm
Color black
Mount MFT (Micro Four Thirds)
Others Selective aperture control system, lens hood with cover included