50 mm / 1:1.0 NOKTON aspherical Z

Fast high-performance standard lens

Title photo: Bastian Kratzke

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The Voigtländer 50 mm F1.0 Nokton aspherical Z-mount is a high-performance standard lens with manual focus, which has been optimized for the full-frame image sensors of Nikon Z-mount mirrorless cameras (Nikon FX format). The lens is based on the well-known 50mm F1.0 lens with VM mount, but has electronic contacts for communication with the camera body (*).

In addition to the very large aperture and outstanding imaging performance, one of the development goals was a compact design. This was achieved by using a specially ground front lens made of a glass material with a high refractive index (Grinding Aspherical Lens). This simplified the lens configuration without compromising on image quality and limited the length of the lens to 66.6 mm. In addition, floating elements are used, i.e. a specific group of lenses is brought into the optimum position depending on the shooting distance to ensure consistently clear and uncompromising image sharpness at all times.


This high technical effort is reflected in the top image quality and gives the user a wide range of image composition options. The sharpness performance is impressive right into the peripheral areas, the large bokeh at open aperture is impressive and the rich handling simply makes photographic work fun. A real tool for photography enthusiasts!

A lens hood is included in the scope of delivery, which can also be attached to the lens upside down when not in use.


Main Features:

– Developed exclusively for the Nikon Z-mount

– Excellent optical performance with outstanding sharpness

– 12 aperture blades for a pleasing and picturesque bokeh

– Extremely solid and high quality construction

– Minimum focus distance of 45 cm

– Manual focus for precise focusing


(*) Compatible cameras and firmware

Z7 v3.4 or higher Z6 v3.4 or higher

Z50 v2.2 or higher Z5 v1.2 or higher

Z6II v1.3 or higher Z7II v1.3 or higher

Zfc v1.0 or higher Z 9 v1.0 or higher

Z 30 v1.0 or higher

Some functions may be restricted by older firmware, so please always use the latest version.

Technical specifications

Price: 1,799.- EUR
Item no. 116 265

Technical data:

Focal length

50 mm


Z-Mount (Full format)

Light intensity


Smallest aperture

F 16

Optical construction

9 lenses in 7 groups

Angle of view


Aperture blades


Minimum distance

0.45 m

Filter size

Ø 62 mm

Maximum diameter

67.6 mm


66.6 mm


598 g



Accessories included

Lens cap, rear cap, lens hood

Item no.




All information as of January 2023, subject to change!

This product was developed and manufactured under a license agreement with Nikon Corporation.