D35 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton Z

Interchangeable lens for the Nikon Z mount (APS-C size)

Title photo: Bastian Kratzke

3 year warranty
The NOKTON D35mm F1.2 is a large-diameter manual focus standard lens that covers an APS-C size image circle, and its optical design is optimized for the image sensor of Nikon Z cameras. This lens is equipped with electronic contacts and realizes telecommunications between the lens and the body. In addition to Exif information and in-body image stabilization (3 axes), by combining a body compatible with telecommunications and the latest firmware (* 1), three types of focusing support functions (focusing by color changing of the focus point frame, peaking function focusing and focusing with the enlargement button) are supported.
50 mm / 1:1.2 Nokton E
The lens configuration uses a traditional double gauss type. A large aperture of F1.2 is realized in the style of “8-element” in which all elements arranged almost symmetrically around the aperture position are composed of spherical surfaces. It has a stable descriptive power even at wide open, and you can enjoy a smooth and large bokeh effect. The aperture blades are made up of 12 blades that take into consideration the shape of the blur, with a 1/3 step click. The focus ring and aperture ring are all metal and feature a heavily carved finger grip and a precision-cut knurled pattern. This design combines a beautiful appearance reminiscent of the good old days with functionality that improves the feeling of manual operation, and is a replacement for the Voigtländer SL series, which pays homage to the interchangeable lenses for single-lens reflex cameras in the 1965s and 1974s. It conforms to the styling of the lens, and you can enjoy the silky focusing operation feeling with the all-metal helicoid ring.
Nokton Classic 35 mm / 1:1.4
The shortest shooting distance is 0.3m (shooting magnification 1: 6.7). In addition to being able to capture a wide variety of subjects as a standard lens with angle of view of 44 °, the close-up shooting effect provides a large amount of bokeh, expanding the possibilities of shooting that takes advantage of the bokeh at full aperture. In addition, despite its large diameter, it has a filter diameter of φ46 mm, a total length of 41.0 mm, and a weight of 230 g, making it compact and easy to handle. Comes with a traditional style metal screw-in hood.
Technical specifications

Price: 649.- EUR
Item no. 113 787 

Focal length

35 mm (53 mm)


Z-Mount (APS-C format)

Light intensity


Smallest aperture

F 16

Optical structure

8 lenses in 6 groups

Picture angel


Aperture blades


Minimum distance

0.3 m

Filter size

Ø 46 mm

Maximum diameter

65.8 mm

Total length

41.0 mm


230 g



Accessories included

Lens cap, rear cap, lens hood




List of supported models and firmware

*1 List of supported models and firmware

Please use the latest firmware because the performance may not be as good as the firmware listed or some of the functions may be limited.
Corresponding body and firmware *2

Z 9 v1.0 or later
Z 8 v1.0 or later
Z 7II v1.3 or later
Z 6II v1.3 or later
Z 5 v1.2 or later
Z f v1.0 or later
Z 50 v2.2 or later
Z 30 v1.0 or later
Z fc v1.0 or later
Z 7 v1.0 or later
Z 6 v3.4 or later

*2 If the Firmware is less than the ones listed above, the performance may not be exhibited or some functions may be limited, so please use the latest Firmware. Please check the instruction manual of the body for checking the Firmware of your body and obtaining the latest Firmware.

*This product is developed and manufactured under a license agreement with Nikon Corporation.