Neuer Review von Phillip Reeve! Diesmal hat er das Nokton 21mm f1,4 getestet.

Schaut unbedingt mal auf seinem Blog vorbei. Hier ein kleiner Textauszug:

„Before the release of the Voigtländer VM 50mm 1.0 Nokton in 2022, this Voigtländer VM 21mm 1.4 Nokton was Cosina’s most expensive M-mount lens and also one of their most complex ones – thanks to 13 elements in 11 groups, 4 aspherical surfaces and a floating elements design. Unfortunately this also made it one of their heaviest and most expensive lenses and I have the feeling it didn’t quite get the momentum Cosina expected for their flagship lens, hence in many parts of the world the price has been reduced several times since release – reason enough to have a closer look at this intriguing lens now.“

Hier geht es zum ganzen Bericht >>>