Voigtlander lenses are known for having a specific image-rendering character due to their optical design and quality of manufacturing. Voigtlander lenses are often appreciated for their soft and vintage image rendering, with warm colors and pleasing background blur. This is often attributed to their optical construction, which can include high-quality glass elements and special coatings to minimize reflections and aberrations.

Voigtlander lenses can also offer unique features, such as very wide maximum apertures or unusual focal lengths, which can contribute to their distinctive image-rendering character. Voigtlander lenses are often used by professional and amateur photographers to add a unique creative touch to their images.

This lens lives up to its reputation. The colours are particularly pleasing, and the micro-contrasts are stunning. I find that these contrasts really come to life when shooting in black and white, creating a 3D effect that I particularly enjoy. That’s why I invite you to try shooting in monochrome…

Of course, the ability to shoot at f/1.2 is very tempting, even if it can be challenging to find the focus point. The photos have a cinematic atmosphere, and the background blur has a very specific character that is rare to find in other modern lenses that strive for optical perfection and therefore don’t really have a unique identity.

This is particularly true of the 23mm f/2, which has a higher overall contrast and saturation level but is much more standardized. This doesn’t suit all uses. We’re clearly dealing with a character lens here that should stimulate the minds of the most creative photographers, giving that “je ne sais quoi”, a touch of magic, that many photographers are currently seeking in vintage lenses. Try it out, you’ll love it…

Dylan Siragusano

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