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Price 849,- €


The Bessa R3A is one of the consistent further developments of Bessa R2.

The determining advantage is the aperture priority. You choose the requested aperture and the camera shows you automatically in the view-finder LED the adapted shutter speed. The Bessa R3A with its 1:1 finder is particularly suitable for bright telephoto lenses. The camera affords more precision for portrait photography and everywhere, where large focal distance can be used, because of the increase of effective baseline for distance measuring. You can use at this body lenses of the rightward listing. Any other Classic Collection Lense must use an adapter.

Lenses with M39 mount do need an adequate adapter.

Type 35mm camera with focal plane shutter an TTL metering system
Film Format 35mm film, 24x36 mm
Lens Mount VM Mount
Shutter electronically vertical moving metal focal plane shutter B, 1-1/2000sec.
Focusing Coincidence type. Infinity – 0.7m
Finder magnification X 1.0
Bright frames 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm
Exposure display By LED indicator in view finder
Exposure Metering System Center-weighted average metering.
Exposure Coupling Range EV1 - 19 (ISO100, F1.4: 1sec.- F16, 1/2000sec.)
Flash Terminal X synchronic contact, synchronized at 1/125 sec or lower speed
Film Advance By single and/or multiple racheting lever action. Double exposure lock system. 120 throw and 45 stand off. Trigger winder available as optional extra.
Film Rewind By film rewind button and film rewind crank
Frame Counter Additive type with autoreset by opening the back cover
Film Speed Range ISO 25 - 3200 by 1/3 steps
Power Source Two 1,5V Alkaline batteries (LR44) or Silver batteries (SR 44)
Dimensions 135(W)x81(H)x33(D)mm
Weight 430g

Applicable to

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